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UK's leading dementia support and research charity

Alzheimer's Society

Madcat has been working with Alzheimer's Society since 2019, primarily on direct marketing campaigns. We have been working closely with their teams to create impactful, relevant and engaging fundraising materials that perform consistently well. The charity has been through a recent rebrand where Madcat was instrumental in application of the new brand across numerous materials. We are extremely proud to continue playing our part in trying to make their vision a reality – a world where dementia no longer devastates lives.


Alzheimer's Society



Direct marketing




Christmas 2020 Super Draw mailers (standard and celebrity packs)

Summer 2020 Super Draw mailers (standard and reactivate packs)

Spring 2020 Super Draw mailer

March 2020 reactivation, upgrade and conversion mailer

Christmas 2019 Super Draw mailer

Autumn 2019 cash appeal mailer

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